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Phat Of The Land – Podcast episode 153

February 24, 2022

It’s been about nine months since our last podcast episode, really for no reason other than being busy with other things and our musical interests going a different direction. However, although we add new genres and traditions to our musical interests, we don’t stop liking what we already liked. So, here is episode 153 of our podcast and it explores the same broad transglobal breakbeat dub science we always love to share with you. There is something of a drum and bass emphasis in this episode and we hope you like it.


1 The Phat Indian – Vision
2 Nuphlo – Pearl
3 Juttla – Sadhu
4 Thousand Yard Prayer – Iram Of The Pillars
5 Steff3Beatz – Egypt Mode
6 Khanum – Eastern Bounce
7 FEARSTbeats – Omri
8 FM Style – Bollywood

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