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Whale Bone Dragon Stone Episode 2

March 31, 2022

Here’s the second episode of our new podcast/show, Whale Bone Dragon Stone. We continue to explore some of the genres and artists we’ve been discovering during this last year or two, such as Norse folk, Celtic folk, dark folk, ritual folk, dungeon synth, neomedieval music, fantasy music, RPG music and similar musical styles.


1 Sowulo – Wydd Webba
2 Secret Archives Of The Vatican – The Loremaster
3 Forndom – Och Med Vinden Ack De Gunga
4 Hrafngrímr – Einherjar
5 Urferd – Avfärd
6 Borg – Et Frö Rota I Majgrevens Lustgardh
7 Vinterskogen – Eviggrønn
8 Poeta Magica – Trolltanz
9 Murgrind – Awakening in an Ancient Realm

Most of these artists have releases available on and we totally recommend exploring their releases. Many of them are also on streaming sites such as Spotify. Please support these artists – music has value!

Don’t forget to go back and listen to Episode 1 if you haven’t already heard it.

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