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Whale Bone Dragon Stone Episode 1

March 20, 2022

We’ve just started a new podcast type show on MixCloud to explore some of the genres and artists we’ve been discovering during this last year or two, such as Norse folk, Celtic folk, dark folk, ritual folk, dungeon synth, neomedieval music, fantasy music, RPG music and similar musical styles. We’ll still be producing the long-running Secret Archives of the Vatican podcast as well!


1 Aulë the Smith – Secret Archives Of The Vatican
2 Fǫður Fall Fyrst Of Telja – Nattramn
3 Bloodaxe’s Fury – Herknungr
4 Grieving Baldr – Einar Selvik
5 Ravens – A Tergo Lupi
6 Fenris Kinder (Völuspá, 40-41) – Nytt Land
7 Wyrd Bið Ful Aræd – Fljúga Hrafna
8 Wind Of Oblivion – Dryadel

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