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H2Z#1… Welcome To The Hip Hop Zone…

March 25, 2011

We like hip hop. Not your mainstream American gangsta crap, though. We like it a bit more musical, a bit more intelligent. Dare we say it, we like it not American.

H2Z, also known as The Hip Hop Zone is a new podcast series from the UK’s leading podcaster, Mr Pete Cogle. Cunningly entitled, it features hip hop.


Episode one has some music from Ireland, Germany, Australia and Morocco as well as the UK.


  1. Angry Mob – Conspiracy Of Mind (Just1 and Nevahmind)
  2. Rampant Zoo Sex Orgy – Cube
  3. Cheeky Bastard – wAgAwAgA
  4. Wha – Jimmy Penguin
  5. All I Want Is To Forget – Ganga
  6. Let Them Know – Rotes
  7. Belong – Thallus
  8. Freestylofanko – DJ Titoff

Let us know what you think of this post. Thanks!

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