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Oriental Flute Mix: drum and bass, dubstep and breakbeat

June 17, 2018

We’ve made music for many years, generally being ignored by everyone. However, we think our music is good and should be heard by a few more people so…

Here’s a mix of tunes from Secret Archives of the Vatican and Thousand Yard Prayer.  They all feature Arabian or Persian flutes, hence the cunning title. There’s plenty of Croydon bass filth in the mix too. Some dip into middle eastern tuning systems and rhythms but there’s nothing too scary in there.

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Thank you!


Sheikh Spear in Dub – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 138

May 26, 2018

Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 138

1 Nuphlo – Zim Zimma
2 aeOm – Asha Asha
3 Secret Archives of the Vatican – The Last Sentinel
4 Kalya Scintilla and Whitebear – Sipapu
5 Byzantine Time Machine – Trapped in the Sultan’s Palace
6 Secret Archives of the Vatican – Hunter’s Moon
7 LM3ALLEM – Zaman
8 Maduro – Bangalore

If you like this podcast, please buy or download more music by these artists. We’re particularly happy with this episode – these are excellent tunes. There is a whole world (no pun intended…) of artists out there bringing influences and roots from across this planet into innovative and amazing music.

Please share this podcast too. Don’t forget there are many previous episodes here on MixCloud to listen to and share.

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The Last Sentinel by Secret Archives of the Vatican

May 20, 2018

Here’s a new tune.
Unusually for us, it’s in 4/4 time.

Benares Spaceport – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 137

April 22, 2018

Here’s the latest Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast – episode 137!  There is just so much good music to share with you, old and new.


1 Uthan – Spaceport Orkestra of Benares
2 Templars vs Hashisheen – Secret Archives of the Vatican
3 Salma (Ya Ghazali) – Renu
4 66 Meters – Indian Ropeman feat Shaheen Badar
5 Fog El Nakhal (Dub Remake) – The Spy From Cairo
6 Crescent Occupation – Filastine
7 Bombassador – Vinja
8 The Sword Maker of al-Shams – Secret Archives of the Vatican

Please track these artists down on Bandcamp, Facebook, SoundCloud etc. Buy or get their music and share with your friends. This great music deserves a wider audience.

Please share the link to this podcast too!

Thank you!



Hard Dubs for Troubled Times by the Talking Dog.

April 21, 2018

The second re-release from The Talking Dog this week…This one was also a limited edition CDR, originally released at Greenbelt Festival in 2004. The Iraq war was still a contentious issue. The sleeve notes said this:
These tracks are the solo works of The Talking Dog (aka Peter Sharpe) 
They reflect some of my feelings about the war in Iraq and the dissonant experience of living in a Babylonian system whilst finding my true identity in Christ as a citizen of the Kingdom of Yahweh. 
The nations lie, cheat and murder. Truth and righteousness are far from us. It seems that many Christians are happy to commit idolatry in their allegiances with Caesar and Mammon. 
Have we forgotten the requirements of the Gospel of Peace? 
Did we ever really know them?

The Beautiful Names of God Volume 1

April 20, 2018

Back in 2003, we released this collection of tunes on CDR and sold it at festivals. Some of the tunes are on other releases also but a couple are different mixes.


Militant and Triumphant by The Talking Dog

April 19, 2018

We’ve just released a reissue of a great album, Militant and Triumphant, by The Talking Dog. It was originally released in 2005 on CDR.

It’s a great collection of UK roots and dub, all with a gospel flavour.

The Talking Dog is also a member of the Secret Archives of the Vatican live band under his alias, Peter Sharpe.

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