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This Hand Opposes Tyrants

March 3, 2021

My roots run deep
Many bloodlines
Many tribes but fighters all
Our word remains
This hand opposes tyrants

Here’s a video for a new tune, This Hand Opposes Tyrants, release date 5 March 2021.

Vince says: This is a very personal track. The title is a translation from the Latin of my family motto and coat of arms. The coat of arms appears a few times in the video and the ruined medieval tower house you can see is our old family home in Ireland, now owned by cousins. I am fully a republican and have no time for royalty or so-called nobility but I am proud that someone in the family, back in time, decided that opposition to tyrants was a good motto to live by. We live in a time when there are tyrants rising up. This hand opposes tyrants.

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