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Little Flower – new video for very old tune

November 13, 2020

Little Flower was on our first CD album release, Reformation, in 1998. It’s always been a popular tune (if you can call anything we do popular…). As I recall, we found the drum groove sample on one of those CDs that came with a music magazine, added a synth pad sound and the rest is improvised lines played on an E-bow guitar. No real structure, just a jam that happened to work.

Recently, we’ve been exploring making videos, trying to raise our game and achieve a higher standard whilst still being restricted by our almost-zero budget. Here, we found some free-to-download-and-use clips from Pexels, did some initial editing ourselves using Filmora X, uploaded it to Rotor Videos for some more processing (transitions, effects) and then did some more post processing ourselves.

We found the video clips before thinking about our back catalogue to decide which track they’d work best with. We think this video suits Little Flower very well!

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