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Dark Forest

August 28, 2020

Here’s a new tune.

Dark Forest
We have no idea what kind of music this is. We’ve used an Arabian 7/8 rhythm called Dawr Hindi. We’ve used an Arabian mode/maqam called Hijaz. There’s Viking and Shamanic frame drums, a vulture bone flute, a plucked medieval lyre and a medieval gittern. There’s some dubstep-style bass wobble, synths and drums.

This does, therefore, capture many of our musical influences in one place. We’re currently bringing some European folky influence into our usual middle-eastern favoured mixture. We’ve always been interested in medieval music and have, on occasion, recorded medieval tunes. All of these strands are coming together now – we finally have the studio resources and musical knowledge to create the music we’ve always wanted to create.


Our videos remains very low budget! This one uses free footage from the internet and we have fun turning it into something.

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