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August 23, 2020

Thousand Yard Prayer
Thousand Yard Prayer started off in 2002 as a side project of Secret Archives of the Vatican that allowed us to release more music more often in the days when the music industry worked very differently. These days, of course, we can do whatever we want.

Vive la difference
We try to make Thousand Yard Prayer‘s music a little more acoustic than Secret Archives of the Vatican‘s, although that doesn’t always work. None of our music is aimed at commercial success (heck, if only we knew how…) but TYP tends to be our less obviously mainstream tunes.

This one’s perhaps an anomaly. It sounds quite melodic and accessible to people who might not like our usual releases.

This track doesn’t sound like most of our recent releases. No plan, it just came out this way. We’re exploring medieval and pre-medieval instrument sounds at the moment. This tune uses a Scandinavian tagelharpa, a Persian frame drum, a viola da gamba, a gittern, a kaval and a Trossingen lyre. There is a very subtle hint of Croydon electronica. We don’t know what musical genre this is, if indeed it fits one at all. Most of our music seems to write itself.

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