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Basir’s Tongue

August 2, 2020

Basir’s Tongue is the title of a new tune by Thousand Yard Prayer.

This track uses middle eastern, medieval and ancient northern European instruments, playing a middle eastern maqam (scale/mode) in a music that is uniquely ours. Unusually for us, there are no synthesisers or drum kits in this track.

We’ve been listening to some Scandinavian Viking folk and ritual music, such artists as Wardruna, Eldrim and Heilung. We like the sounds and we’re working on a way to incorporate some of that Norse sound into our usual middle eastern and central Asian flavoured creations. If anyone can achieve this, it’s us at Broken Drum Records!

Where from?
As for the title…it’s a very obscure literary reference and you’ll need to be very familiar with a very old but awesome fantasy novel to know what it refers to.

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