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Vikings went to Constantinople

July 7, 2020

Did you now that Vikings went to Constantinople (now known as Istanbul)? One of them, Halvdan, even carved some graffiti into a rail within the cathedral Hagia Sophia. I’ve seen it.

Listening to pagans
Anyway, for some reason I’ve been listening to a lot of Nordic, rootsy, pagan, music lately, artists such as Wardruna, Heilung, Eldrim and Myrkur. No, I’m not about to take up sacrificing virgins or pillaging as hobbies. I live in Croydon where virgins are scarce and pillaging is mundane daily life. I am however, in love with some of the sounds, particularly the tagelharpa and the nyckelharpa.

I’m quite tempted to buy a tagelharpa but we’ll see. I think it would be wrong for Secret Archives of the Vatican to make a sudden musical change in direction but the beauty of not being part of the music industry and being self sufficient is that we can do whatever we want musically.

North meets east
Our latest track is called Miklagaard. You could spell it Miklagård. It’s the name the Vikings gave to Constantinople/Istanbul. Referencing this historical connection is our way of bringing a hint of Norse influence into our usual middle eastern inflected bass electronica.

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