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Veiled Beauty: Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 150

June 30, 2020

Why make podcasts?
We started a podcast many years ago after attending a music business seminar where we were told it was a good way to promote our music. We rapidly ran out of our own music to play (we’re more prolific now!) so we started playing excellent tunes by musician friends too. We then moved on to music by artists from around the world who were making music that works alongside ours. We only play what we like, so the podcast is an indicator of our personal musical taste.

Why is the podcast now only on MixCloud, not on podcast sites?
Podcast hosting sites are overly pernickety about copyright. MixCloud somehow deals with all that. They must have some kind of blanket license. This shows itself in that shows cannot be downloaded and that their player only reveals the name of a track as playback gets to that track.

Episode 150
Here’s episode 150. We name our episodes, for no real reason, and I think we’ve re-used a name here. Hey, it’s our podcast and we can do what we like. For this episode, we pushed into some even less mainstream territory than usual but we found some real gems.


1 Secret Archives of the Vatican – All Empires Die
2 Naujawanan Baidar – Chaikhana Transistor
3 DRAAMA – Underbelly – Making Of Pogrom
4 Naujawanan Baidar – Mohajerin
5 Steff3Beatz – Its Marrakech Drift
6 Stephano – Ibathel.(feat.Yassian Sanina)
7 Thousand Yard Prayer – Qalankhkai
8 Persian – Parvaaneh
9 KRS-One/mashup – Sound of Da Police
10 E.A.R. – Uşşak Saz Semâisi

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