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My Name Is A Killing Word

June 15, 2020

COVID-19 music
Here is another track in our rapidly increasing collection of releases during this COVID-19 pandemic. We’re attempting to record a track every day or two when we’re not at work.

The discipline of writing and recording in a single day forces decision making and commitment. If you’re not a musician, or don’t make electronic, studio-based music, you probably don’t realise how hard it can be for producers to actually complete a piece of music and release it. As soon as you’re in the digital realm, nothing is ever finished – it can always be tweaked to make it that tiny bit better. Deciding that it will be finished today forces decision making.

My name is a killing word…
This is a second track with a Dune related title, for no real reason. A Dune theme, however, lends itself to our preoccupations with middle eastern references and science fiction. We might do more, particularly in light of the forthcoming film which is getting Dune fans all excited as it seems like it will avoid some of the bad aspects of previous projects. We’ll see.

This track is in 9/8 time, using an Arabian rhythm called Aqsaq Araj. It’s at 170 bpm, typically associated with drum and bass. This might be a drum and bass tune. The musical mode/scale we have used is Maqam Shehnaz Kurdi: D, Eb, F, G, A, Bb, C#, D. Once again, setting a restriction on the notes one can use forces decision making; paradoxically, it is easier to write with a restriction than with a blank page.

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