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I Am The Lore

June 7, 2020

We’re trying to release a track a week during the pandemic. We feel that we don’t want to collect tracks and release them as album collections right now; we want to release our music when it is recorded.

We’ve been scouring our studio recording system and finding tracks that we started a while back but abandoned. Sometimes we had an idea, maybe for a drum rhythm or a sound but it didn’t seem to lead anywhere and we moved on. In the meantime, we’ve learned more and have more software and virtual instruments available to us. This one is one of these tunes. We had a basic groove but little in the way of melody instruments. We completed it today and we’re very happy with it.

I Am The Lore
It’s a drum and bass tune – but done in our unique style. It features a Turkish ney flute, a medieval Viola Da Gamba and some traditional Croydon bass electronica.

For you musicians – it’s built on a 14/4 time beat called Niim al Hazaj and the musical mode/scale we’ve used is Maqam Hijaz.

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