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My Tribe Is Not Legend

May 15, 2020

Space, memory, wisdom, the passage of time, connections. Stories that create reality.

We’re having fun right now, producing tracks at pace and trying new things in the studio. This one is a mix of middle eastern and medieval instruments with bass heavy electronica.  Actually, that’s not particularly new for us…we do that all the time!

For the musicians among you
This tune is based a round a fairly rare Arabic scale called Maqam Lami, although there is no attempt here to make anything resembling Arabic music. Having said that, we have also used an Arabic rhythm, Iqa’ Dharafat, which is in 13/8 time. There are middle eastern and medieval instruments too, in what is a predominantly electronica based track. The reed instrument is a Chirimia. The frame drum is a Duf.

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