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The Last Days of Babylon

May 2, 2020
If there’s one thing the current pandemic has shown us, it’s that our economic and social systems are pretty crap and that much previously held up as essential and valueable – isn’t!

Oil is worth nothing if no-one can travel or consume pointless products.  Billlionaires serve no purpose whatsoever and do not create any wealth at all. Politicians serve only themselves (and the billionaires) and have little to offer.

What’s valueable to society is what are now called “key workers”.  People who grow, harvest and prepare food. People who drive buses and who staff power plants. People who make music and art and literature to keep people sane and going forwards!

Anyway, in this philosophical frame of mind, we made this new tune. We have no idea what genre of music this is…it’s kind of a post-dubstep thing but has frame drums, a flute, language-less vocals and a soupçon of Croydon bass wubwub.

For you musicians, it’s in 9/4 time (a very slowed down Greek zeymbekiko rhythm) and the musical scale it’s built on is Arabian, Maqam Saba Zamzamah. It sounds slightly prog rock-ish to us but that wasn’t planned.


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