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Never Mind the Bulwarks

September 30, 2019

We live in a time of walls and divisions. We say never mind the bulwarks, break down the walls, speak truth to power.

Thousand Yard Prayer have just released a new four track album on Bandcamp called Never Mind the Bulwarks.

The album
This was a tricky one to write…we didn’t quite know where we were going but we did decide part way through to give no thought whatsoever to making the tunes accessible but to just make the music that evolved in the studio.  So, we have different time signatures, we have non-western tuning on one track  and it’s all turned out a long way from pop music.

The music
As ever, we have used various instrument sounds: frame drums such as the bendir, the daf and the dayereh, flutes such as the Turkish ney, the Persian ney and the kaval and stringed instruments such as the kopuz and the lyra.  Naturally, there’s some gritty Croydon bass electronica underpinning it all too.

We hope you like it.


We like music

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