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Hindustani electronica from San Francisco

September 6, 2019

Here’s an intriguing album, With & Without released by San Fransisco  based label, Ghunghru. This is an experimental label, radio show and curatorial project run by Arushi Jain.  Using the artist name Ose, she trained as a Hindustani classical vocalist in New Delhi from the age of 11.

Ose says that her work consists of taking the ragas she grew up singing and “transforming them into something others can understand”.

“When I first started writing this album, I started with the intention of taking my hindustani classical roots and giving it a new home, a new skin, a new soul. I’ve been deeply entranced by this idea of taking ragas and transforming them into something others can understand. In many ways, a lot of my work is aiming to make this artform more accessible, more understood, more appreciated.”

I Feel Incomplete is inspired by Raag Bhairav, Drown Out The Noise With Your Silence is inspired by Raag Bheempalasi, Just Like A Dragonfly is inspired by Raag Aasavari and Is It Love is inspired by Raag Bihag.

“This is an album about being vulnerable with what you hear, about being open to coalescing different worlds into each other in a way that might not be done before. I have a diversity of sounds here – works that are more slow, strange, experimental, emotional and durational, to works that are more fast, expected, melodic, lush, and physical.”

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