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New album: Khorasan

September 5, 2019

Here is our new four track album, Khorasan,  on all the major download and streaming sites from 6 September 2019.

For the musicians
Each track uses the same musical scale, an Arabic maqam called Maqam Jaharka Turki. The notes in the scale are F, Gb, A, Bb, C, Db, E, F

We are not a drum and bass act but we have recorded many drum and bass tunes. However, they’d never really fit in a DJ’s drum and bass set as we pay no attention to what drum and bass is supposed to sound like this week. A quick scoot through some top playlists on Spotify reveals that a high proportion of current drum and bass is shite anyway. We fancied doing a dedicated drum and bass project in our own style and here it is. It has our own unique sound. Hopefully, some of you will like these tunes!

The idea of restricting yourself to a particular musical scale or a tempo or whatever, is that you are forced to become more creative.  You have to work harder to differentiate the tracks, come up with new ideas. We hope we have achieved that.

Please share this music if you like it. Comment on our social media pages.  Thanks!

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