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The Age of Resistance – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 145

August 24, 2019

Here is episode 145 of our podcast and we have some particularly fine tunes in this one!

Of particular note are the Massive Attack track, from a newly released remastered edition of Mezzanine  which comes with a  full CD of Mad Professor dubs and the Secret Archives of the Vatican track from our forthcoming release, Khorasan.


1 VFM Style – Kurdi (Original Mix)
2 Secret Archives of the Vatican – The Ifrit of the Black Stone Pillar
3 Halfred x Manohara – Totem
4 Massive Attack – Teardrop (Mazaruni Dub One)
5 Tikki Masala & Martyn Zij – Metenchi Sync (Feat. Avi Adir)
6 Flextronic – Subtropic
7 Autonomaton – USA created Isis
8 Fedayi Pacha – Jalal Eddine Dub

“This, to me, is the ultimately heroic trait of ordinary people – they say no to the tyrant and they calmly take the consequences of this resistance.”
Philip K. Dick

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  1. Beni Fuchs permalink
    August 25, 2019 10:20 am

    thanks, vince, cool!
    must dig the mad professor remixes… did not know about. 🙂

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