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In Khorasan

August 19, 2019

Secret Archives of the Vatican has a new album coming out on 6 September 2019 called Khorasan.  By coincidence, we came across this completely unrelated album today on Bandcamp.

Kamelmauz released this album in  2001 and calls the music World Hed Music.  He suggests the influence  of Bryn Jones (Muslimgauze), an artist who we’d also name drop.  In Kamelmauz‘s case, as in ours, the influence is more conceptual than sonic.

It looks like Kamelmauz was still releasing music as recently as 2015.

We like this. Have a listen.

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  1. August 19, 2019 4:59 pm

    Thanks for the listen and mention.

    I mostly stopped making completed music at the point in late 2015 my creative aims were transformed to embrace photographic and digital art-making. Oddly, my decidedly amateur music-making remains the deepest influence on my image-making in the sense that my 2D art reflects my being enraptured by sound, sonics, music, and playful improvising.

    Fortunately, I’ve made a good go of it creating visuals.

    I’ll ear around your blog and look forward to your upcoming release,

    thank you, Stephen, Cleveland Heights, Ohio

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