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Ethnostep 9 – excellent free compilation!

July 13, 2019

The latest release on the Subbass label is the ninth in the Ethnostep series. We’ve had tracks on some of the previous releases and we have two on this one, one from Secret Archives of the Vatican and one from Thousand Yard Prayer.   This is our favourite album in the series so far…there are some amazing tunes!  Our top pick would be Tikki Masala & Martyn Zij with Metenchi Sync (featuring Avi Adir) but it’s a hard choice as the quality is high.

They say:   Here it is – the 9th compilation of Ethnostep from Subbass Netlabel, a fusion of trance, bass, tribal, dubstep etc,  lots of great ethno-dub tunes from all over the globe, both contemplative and dancing, traditional and futuristic.  What is remarkable, the musicians do not pursue any commercial interests with this project. It is their interest to spread this beautiful vibration to this world in which we all live together.

There is a deeper explanation of the philosophy of this series of albums on the Bandcamp page.

Official release date is 14 July 2019, which is International Netlabel Day.

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