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Fantastic Spotify Playlists and Where to Find Them

May 1, 2019

Today, 1 May 2019, our album Barsoom finally popped up on Spotify.   As I suspected, our tune Mu’addib does not appear to have been selected by the curators for any of the official playlists (see previous post). Unless they surprise us in the next few days.

On Fridays, Spotify issues Release Radar playlists, so our paltry (but valued by us!) group of 165 followers will get notice that we’ve got some new music out.

This week the boss man of Spotify, Daniel Ek,  announced that they now receive 40,000 new tunes per day. There are 3.9 million artists.

Holy cockadoodle! How can anyone get noticed in that crowd? It seems that they now have 217 million subscribers. My thinking is that we only need to get heard by a microscopic percentage of that and we’d be more successful than we have ever dreamed of being  – but, paradoxically, as it has become easier to distribute music it has become harder to be heard.

We have tracked down the curators of some likely playlists not curated by SpotifySpotify shows their names but there is no way to contact them. So, some Sherlock-like sleuthing comes in to play.  People tend to use the same user name and avatar/thumbnail on their various social media sites, so although it takes some effort, it is possible to track some of them down and send them a polite message with a link to a likely song. We did this with our previous album and did get on a small number of playlists. We’ll see whether we get a similar or better response with this one.

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