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Mu’addib on Spotify?

April 24, 2019


Although our new album, Barsoom, is available from Bandcamp, it isn’t on the streaming platforms or other download sites yet. This is because we’re attempting to get a track on a curated Spotify playlist which would massively increase our exposure. To do that, we have to present it to our distributor a good while before its “release date” and we picked 1 May 2019 as that arbitrary date.

Spotify asks for one track to be presented for consideration. This is tricky for artists like ourselves whose music doesn’t fit a single genre. So, we chose the track Mu’addib because Spotify seems to have many playlists that contain chilled electronica. Our drum and bass or dubstep flavoured tunes don’t quite follow the expectations of those genres enough for us to expect them to be chosen. We’re too electronic sounding for acoustic genres and too acoustic sounding for pure electronica genres. So – chilled it is.

There’s been no response from Spotify so far. I’m not sure we’re really expecting anything positive. It’s an experiment anyway. They get literally 20,000 new tracks per day. Even if only a tiny percentage of those get presented for playlist consideration, we’re still up against a vast sea of mainstream-genre drivel that is far more likely to fit their algorithms.

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  1. April 24, 2019 9:25 am

    By curated, I presume you mean by a member of their staff, or are there freelance curators out there?

    I’m going to try and produce a curated list of tracks featured in podcasts going forward. That said many if the tracks I play are not on Spotify.

    As you say, an experiment. Got to keep trying!

    • April 24, 2019 9:33 am

      Yes, Spotify have their own curated Playlists. These can literally have hundreds of thousands or even millions of followers. Everyone wants to be on those. There are, however, many popular Playlists curated by users. We have some. These will display a user name but with no direct way to make contact. With these, often the curator can be tracked down on Facebook or Instagram as people tend to use the same username and avatar. A polite message and a link to your track and hopefully they’ll add it. This has worked for us.

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