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Broken Drum Records update

December 31, 2018


BDR_2019 first


Years ago
Back in 2012, I wrote an obligatory turn-of-the-year post and, to be frank, not a great deal has changed in what I might say this year.

In that post I mentioned the things that had excited me back in the 80s when I first started Broken Drum Records and releasing music as Secret Archives of the Vatican and that I have discovered and explored subsequently.

There are a lot of things: funky grooves, complex rhythms, bowel-loosening bass, squelchy synths, evocative sounds of Middle-Eastern and Asian instruments, world-creating soundscapes, story-telling titles, genre-confounding juxtapositions, wicked cover art, preconception-defying lyrics, music-industry-ignoring distribution models, enthusiastic and uncynical music journalism – and much, much more.

Last year – 2018
2018 has been a curate’s egg of a year – much like any year! We finally got the studio up and running after a long frustrating break. This led to producing a bunch of new tunes by both Secret Archives of the Vatican and Thousand Yard Prayer. TYP didn’t produce an album but we released several single tracks that, if we’d known, would have made a great album! They can be downloaded as one anyway here.

SAotV did release an album, Pierce the Sky, to the usual indifference of even most who “follow” us in social media. A huge Thank You, though, to those stalwarts who consistently support us and buy our music. We appreciate your interest very much. We remain committed, also, to the idea of our music being available free of charge under a Creative Commons licence for those who cannot pay or choose not to.

SAotV also released several single tunes which may be downloaded as an album here.

We experimented quite a lot with Facebook advertising. This is very hit-and-miss. On most occasions, it has cost us more than we made from any additional sales it generated. However, we refined our approach over the year and Pierce the Sky made just slightly over what we spent in advertising so far. Not a lot!

We acquired some excellent new software, sample libraries ands VSTs, for the studio. It gets easier to manifest the musical ideas we have.

We made the leap into providing our music to all the major steaming sites, Spotify etc. As Spotify receives literally 20,000+ new tunes a day, it is incredibly hard to get playlisted or heard at all. We’re beavering away trying to raise awareness, trying to get added to people’s playlists. We’ve also heard an amazing amount of fairly unknown but awesome music on Spotify and it is influencing our writing. Hopefully that will work the other way around too.

Next year – 2019
We’ll be releasing a new Thousand Yard Prayer album, Beauty As Resistance, on 1 January 2019. Once that’s out there, we’ll get started on a new Secret Archives of the Vatican project. We don’t have any particular direction set for that yet.

Feedback from our listeners is important and we like it, so please comment on our blog, Twitter and Facebook posts. Please share our music and video links on your social media. Add us to your playlists.

Have a most non-bogus 2019 and be excellent to each other!


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