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Thousand Yard Prayer

November 23, 2018

Thousand Yard Prayer TYP warrior drawing
In 2002, we were producing so much music as Secret Archives of the Vatican that releases were in danger of being too close together. These days, an artist can release music every five minutes if they wish to and it’s no problem. In those days it was necessary to spend some time allowing a release to get noticed and sell a few before hitting the public with a follow up. So, we released Sympathy for Hosea under the name Thousand Yard Prayer. The name has no particular meaning –we have always liked playing with words and it’s a play on the legendary military “thousand yard stare”

Ten Years After
We meant to release a follow up at some point but it took ten years! World
Without End was released in 2012, followed by Nine Ships later that year and Truthseeker in 2014. We chose to  take the sound in a subtly different direction from Secret Archives of the Vatican. TYP would be slightly more acoustic, less electronic than SAotV, featuring frame drums, flutes and acoustic stringed instruments although there would still be some of our distinctive bass electronic underpinning it. There’s also a slightly greater emphasis on Central Asian and Persian sounds than SAotV, which focuses a little more on Arabian elements. However, if you like one, you’ll like the other!

Golden Wonder
Seven Towers was released in 2015 and Golden Section in 2016. For Golden Section in particular, we experimented with videos a little more. These are fun to make but they achieve very little in terms of marketing. It seems our particular listener demographic does not look to YouTube for its music.

In 2018, we have released several individual tracks and no albums yet.
We have also added our music to various streaming services including Spotify and Apple Music but it is one huge struggle to acquire listeners. Spotify alone receives literally 20,000 new tunes every day. We are so niche that we don’t even have adequate terminology to describe what we do. This makes it very hard to present our music to likely Playlist curators.

Back to the Future
We believe our Thousand Yard Prayer project has some life in it yet – we’ve barely scratched the surface of musical possibilities. Our challenge now (as with all musicians) is how to increase our listener numbers in a world where sharing music is easier and cheaper than it has ever been but finding listeners is harder because of the sheer amount of music out there.
We like music

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