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A new SAotV dub tune and how we made it

September 1, 2018

There’s nothing quite like going to a good gig to get the creative juices flowing…
I went to an event called Mishti Dance last night and saw two great DJs , DJ Isuru and Nerm but the main act I went to see was Aniruddha Das  aka Dr Das, the bass player with Asian Dub Foundation. On this occasion, he was in his incarnation as Dhangsha. This is experimental music – demanding but accessible electronica with a noted absence of dub basslines. (We had a brief chat about making music and martial arts!).

The music I heard was inspirational and made me want to come home and get busy in the studio, so I did.  Here is the tune I came up with. I called it Mishti Dub.

For those of you who make music, here’s what I did.
I found a couple of 4/4 time tabla grooves. Tabla can be very complex but here I wanted that hypnotic driving thing that works so well with a dub bassline. The bassline is from a Bill Laswell sample CD and so is the drum loop and the weird electronica sound. The melody instruments I programmed in Cakewalk and the sample library used was Best Service Ancient ERA Persia.  The female voice is from another old sample CD.  A mere seven mixing desk channels and only a few hours’ work but I’m happy with it!


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