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Music production: another seven beat rhythm

November 13, 2016

Greetings! Here is another seven beat rhythm to follow on from our last post which looked at a rhythm called Dawr Hindi.

Here’s another one. This one is called Kalimantiano, a Greek rhythm named after the port town of Kalimanta in southern Greece.


As before, the D = Dum, a bass note usually played near the centre of a frame or goblet drum. The T =Tak, a loud note played near the edge of the drum. The t =ta and k= ka are weaker notes played near the edge of the drum, often with finger tips. They have two names because they refer to each hand, the stronger and the weaker.

If you are going to use this rhythm to programme a drum kit part (and you should), play Dum as a kick drum, Tak as a snare drum or side stick, and maybe play ta and ka as quieter snare notes or maybe as ride hits or open high hats. Alternatively, play your main hits on drum kit and play the ta and ka hits on another percussion instrument. As you can see, the groove is divided 3 + 2 +2.  Remember to write your melodic parts to this structure.

Here are two tunes released on our own label, Broken Drum Records,  which use this rhythm. They are quite different from each other but will hopefully show you that non 4/4 rhythms are adaptable and interesting.


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