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Broken Drum Records’ News

September 9, 2016


Hi everyone – here’s some updates from Broken Drum Records

Record labels don’t really exist, at least not since the demise of the old music industry. Broken Drum Records is really just a couple of people (and sometimes a few of their friends) making the music we like. The label is really a brand. It gives you a clue about what to expect musically from the label’s releases.

We’ve had ongoing but significant computer problems in our studio for almost a couple of years now. Well, the PC won’t load up at all some days. It means some projects are a year overdue but we’ve squeezed a small number of releases out. This will hopefully be resolved within a couple of weeks and we’ll be getting back to work as quickly as possible.

Secret Archives of the Vatican have long had a collaborations album in the pipeline. We’ve started on some tunes and have contacted various potential collaborators but it all ground to a halt. That album will be the first priority as we get rolling again. In the meantime, their most recent release, Damascene,  is still available.

One strategic decision we made recently was to separate out the occasional political rant tune from among Secret Archives’ repertoire.  Secret Archives will focus on their core Middle-eEastern, romantic, kung-fu, science fiction orientated output and more political tunes will be released in the name Tyrantbane. The first release, Flame, came out recently.

Thousand Yard Prayer, who are slightly more “acoustic” than Secret Archives of the Vatican and often have a Central Asian or Persian flavour to their tunes, continue to release eclectic and challenging releases. We are particularly happy with their recent album, Golden Section.

We’ve also been developing our admittedly rudimentary video making skills. Check some out here.

We’ve been disappointed at our failure to acquire any reviews or coverage at all lately, despite notifying various outlets about our releases. Even those who promise to write something don’t.

Anyway, we will continue to make music. This is digital resistance to the forces of bland music industry homogeneity and a quiet resistance to the apparently inexorable rise of the political right with its  disdain for culture.


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