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Two new releases for Netlabel Day 2016

July 14, 2016

istanbul 1

Netlabel Day is an annual celebration of netlabels. If you’ve never heard of netlabels, they are labels. On the net. There’s a list of 2016’s participating labels HERE.

They usually release their music under a Creative Commons licence and usually free of charge. Some are dedicated to only one or two artists but some offer many releases.

Netlabel Day sees literally hundreds of releases, from dozens of labels, becoming available on the same day, in every imaginable genre and a few others too. Do yourself a favour, turn off Spotify or the radio and check out some netlabels.

Our label, Broken Drum Records, has two Netlabel Day releases.

Golden Section by Thousand Yard Prayer.

Central Asian and Middle-Eastern rhythms, frame drums, violin, oud, tar, ney, some Croydon electronica and a smattering of frame drum-propelled drum’n’bassy magnificence…

Flame by Tyrantbane.

The militant wing of Broken Drum Records.  Provocative sample-plundering Middle-Eastern inflected hip-hop-ish grooves…

istanbul 1

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