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Old Delhi by Ravana

February 7, 2016

We are fans of the late Muslimgauze, although his music is not easy listening and is not for everyone. So, when we hear of an album that is a tribute to him, we’re going to check it out.

Old Delhi by Ravana is available from Bandcamp HERE.  It is described thus:

This Album IS A Tribute To The Sounds Of Muslimgauze.
Ravana Presents The Various Sounds Of Old Delhi Charm As They See It And Hear It. These Songs Or Sounds Are Predominantly Influenced By The Mighty Beats Of The Eastern World And The Ever Present Bass Mythology.

There’s not a lot of clear info about Ravana online..his WordPress “about” page says this:  DJ?Producer?SamplingAgent?Ranter?Blogger?Poet?Actor?

His Facebook description says this: Creation Is Not In My Hands
It’s Got To Do With The Soul Of The Solar System

Ravana’s Bandcamp page has a stack of other music to check out too…get downloading!


We like music



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