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Crying for Leaving – Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast 128

November 6, 2015

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  1. Cobra (Original Mix)
  2. Syria
  3. Al-Shama
  4. An Indian Dream (Mr. Ours Remix)
  5. Pyramidal Dub
    Fedayi Pacha and Brain Damage>
  6. Londonistan Dub
    Fedayi Pacha and Dub Mentalist>
  7. 51st Dub
    Mickey Stirrups>
  8. Belogradchik
  9. Land of Stone
  10. Sand Slash
  11. Kinkaku-ji
  12. Drakones Indikoi (Tantric Decks Remix)
    Rhythmstari Feat. Rama>
  13. Soviet Bhangra
    Chuck Upbeat & Brooklyn Shanti (feat. Midget Ninjas)>

“Rich and happy as I was after my third voyage, I could not make up my mind to stay at home altogether. My love of trading, and the pleasure I took in anything that was new and strange, made me set my affairs in order, and begin my journey through some of the Persian provinces.”
The Seven Voyages of Sinbad the Sailor: 4th Voyage

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