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New release: Storms by Secret Archives of the Vatican

August 30, 2013


We have just released an album called Storms.

The Turkish Storm Calendar, based on the ancient Coptic Calendar, is an aid to farmers and mariners and is based on centuries of weather watching; it predicts significant weather events. There are patterns in the apparent chaos of weather.

The tunes in this album are predominantly built upon traditional Turkish rhythms but also explore the Turkish makam tuning system, where some notes are tuned differently from our usual Western tuning. We haven’t attempted to follow the compositional rules and expectations of the makam tradition  – we simply don’t have the knowledge and we may have made mistakes – but we believe that breaking free of our Western tempered tuning opens up a whole unexplored world of musical possibility.

These tracks, however, don’t sound particularly Turkish  – whatever we do seems to come out sounding like us! They are, perhaps, a challenging listen.

Storms is available as a free download from Bandcamp or you can choose to pay.  If you pay, it helps us continue to create music.

Find Storms HERE.

istanbul 1

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