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Guest playlist: Travis Nobles

July 11, 2013

We’ve been asking some friends to share with us lists of ten tracks that they think our readers will like. One of them, Travis Nobles, has taken it a step further and provided a list of mixes rather than individual tracks.

He says this:
I’m a digital vfx artist, music fan and sometimes music blogger and podcaster. I’m also fan of fractals and recursive art, so for my entry I decided to make a playlist of playlists. A lot of my daily music listening comes in the form of mixes and podcasts. I love hearing my favorite tracks mixed into a new context, and it’s a great way to discover a lot of new artists and albums. Here I’ve picked out a few of my favorite recent podcasts and mixes (besides the Secret Archives of the Vatican Podcast, of course!). I’m a fan of the more ambient side of transnational bass music, so expect a lot of chilled sounds for deep inner journeys or just good relaxing.


  1. Six Degrees Traveler’s “Planetful Of Sounds” Mix
    Six Degrees Records will no doubt be well-known to readers of this blog, and their Traveler mix series is highly recommended.
  2. Ethnostep presents Global Bass (selected by SPCZ)
    SPCZ and Ethnostep will also be familiar to friends of this blog and this chilled mix is a must-listen.
  3. Indian Electronica Podcast 031
    New Indian Electronica shows come out relatively infrequently, but each episode is an excellent eclectic mix of music from across the globe, of course with an emphasis on sounds from India.
  4. Johnny Blue @ Tangra Festival 2013
    Johnny Blue’s sets are absolutely essential for fans of the psychill/psydub genres.
  5. PsyAmb 58 – PsyStep Mix
    There are so many great mixes on the psy-amb website it was hard to pick just one, but because there are already so many ambient chillout mixes on this list I decided to go with this bass-heavy PsyStep mix.
  6. Numinosis for 06/30/13
    Although billed as a Gothic/Darkwave podcast, a lot of the music played on this show will no doubt appeal to fans of the more atmospheric side of global music.
  7. Flow – Presence 3
    Deep ambient trance sounds with a touch of global flavor. For the audiophiles out there, this one is available for download in lossless quality.
  8. Yoga Audio Temple Mix 04 – Lotus Ascension
    Music mixed especially for yoga and mediation by the creator of the psy-amb podcast, very suitable any time you’re in the mood for some peaceful eastern-flavored ambient sounds.
  9. Amani of Desert Dwellers – Dragon Dub Yoga Flow
    More music for yoga, but this time with a little more “flow” and bass-driven movement.
  10. travis.nobles – you are floating
    No list would be complete without some blatant self-promotion! Here is a mix of some of my favorite tracks of 2013 (so far).

happy listening 🙂


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  1. July 12, 2013 12:15 am

    ha! this needs a lot of time to listen through… cool for hot summer days!
    i see you love fractals. me too… d’ya wanna visualize some of my tracks for YT?

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