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Guest playlist: Ben I Sabbah

July 10, 2013

We’ve been inviting our friends to provide us with a list of ten top tunes that they think our readers will like. A Google search will find most of the tunes in these lists…make the effort to track down this very fine music!


Ben I Sabbah is based in Switzerland (and sometimes in Thailand) and his Facebook page tells us that he is a DJ (oriental/asian/global ethnotronica) musician/composer (impro/experimental sound research) and Ben I Sabbah is specialised in oriental and asian underground music – dj’ing and experimental sound creation (composing / improvisation).

This is his list.

  1. Praganant Drums – Bandish Projekt {Bhor}
    first song i’ve heard from BP, needed 2 years to find the release… but i have found it…
  2. Green Lite – Rinne Radio {Pole Stars}
    RR – a hidden treasure from finland
  3. Apokryf in Dub – Center of the Universe
    another great act from the north
  4. Step 5 – Varayut Prachapipat {Step 9, Version 1.2}
    excellent mixes of northeastern thai folk music (molam) by a certain sound engineer from bkk – impossible to find informations about this guy…
  5. Tapatam – Dub Gabriel {A New Day – Laya Project Remixes}
    from a nice collection of sounds and mixes from the tsunami-affected areas
  6. Leha Dodi Dub – David Gould {Adonai in Dub}
    jewish dub as its best
  7. Code Blue (feat Jay Banerjee) – Anuj Rastogi {Dark Matter}
    great indian producer from the canadian asian underground scene
  8. Donkey Carrot Paradox 2 – Dubsahara
    sadly there are just a few releases from this ‘cameltronic’ icon
  9. Temptation (Instumental) – Baba Zula {gecekondu}
    ever seen this band live? not? so hurry, and catch them…
  10. Kedem – Jamie Saft {Voices In The Wilderness – Masada 10th Anniversary}
    radical jewish culture – john zorn’s electric masada epic, ingeniously remixed by the man with the long beard…


2 Comments leave one →
  1. July 11, 2013 10:24 am

    i know, some of this tunes are hard to find, or perhaps not published anymore on the web…

    but: for everybody who’s interested, i will pay this selection in my next radio broadcast CHAOS IN PARADISE on
    (and perhaps upload later to mixcloud….)

  2. July 15, 2013 7:27 pm

    here’s the link to this playlist

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