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New album from Faran Ensemble

July 7, 2013


Israel’s Faran Ensemble have been posting tracks on Facebook for ages and I’ve been eagerly awaiting an album release. Their music is excellently played, rooted in various Middle Eastern traditions.

Well, here it is! It’s called Faran and it’s available from Bandcamp for ILS 44.90 (Israeli Shekels) which is a little over £8 sterling.

Find it HERE.

They say:
Faran Ensemble is a three member group, joined together on a spiritual journey of harmonies, sounds and landscapes.
They use esoteric instruments of ancient eastern cultures as tools for creating their compositions, where both East and West are present.

We see music as a journey, accompanying man across mountains, dunes, forests, beaches, and all the way through to the ruckus of the urban route. Each note a milestone, each tone a path.
Our music is a gift of the heart, wrapped in sounds and tied with a bow of delicate strings of the soul. Be the inspiration as it will; desert, ocean or city, they all speak of love. Love of places, people and life, for all the inspiration that they are.

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