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Blossom by Emuin

June 21, 2013


Blossom is a new release from an artist called Emuin. Apparently, “Emuin is a songwriter, producer, DJ, and multi-talented musician. Crafting a unique blend of belly dance, world, hip hop beatz and bass, he is a pioneer of a new sound for a new Gypsy culture.”

I came across this album from a post in a Facebook group and I really like it! It covers some of the same ground we sometimes do, where belly dance melodies and grooves mix it up with other styles.

Blossom is available from Bandcamp HERE, where it says: “Blossom is an album I have been putting together for several years. This album is a work of art, that for me embodies the beauty of belly dance and fuses it with fresh hip hop beatz and cutting edge electronica.

May any merit generated by the enjoyment of this album be dedicated to the benefit of all beings!”

So, all beings, check it out!


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