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Album review: Sumud the Acoustic EP by Niyaz

March 29, 2013


A while back we reviewed a stunning album release, Sumud, by Niyaz, one of our favourite bands.

Niyaz create stunningly evocative music rooted in Persian traditional music but growing firmly in the soil of electronica and modern production values. Back in 2008 they released Nine Heavens which came in both electronic and acoustic versions. It worked well; acoustic instrumentation is at the core of the songwriting so both versions of each track are excellent.

Niyaz have now released Sumud: The Acoustic EP which features acoustic versions of three songs from Sumud: Parishaan, Mazaar and Vafa and three new songs: Sahar, Nalona and Naseem.

The EP is classic Niyaz with Azam Ali‘s vocals creating magic over Loga Ramin Torkian‘s exquisite musical chops. Frame drums dominate the percussive grooves that drive it all along and various guest musicians contribute to the melange. Habib Meftah‘s flute is beautiful in Naseem and AR Rahman‘s voice and Salar Nader‘s tablas bring subcontinental flavour to Mazaar.

This EP is well worth acquiring and, like all of Niyaz‘z music, will still be listened to for a long time to come. It is timeless.

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