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New e-book for musicians and producers: The 360 Deal

March 14, 2013


Andrew Dubber is an academic, author, public speaker, blogger, music reviewer, radio and music industry consultant, whisky writer, podcaster, record collector, DJ, broadcaster and record producer. He is Professor of Music Industry Innovation at Birmingham City University, an advisor to Bandcamp and Planzai, manages half a dozen blogs, and is the founder of New Music Strategies, a pan-European music think tank and strategy group. He also coaches on productivity and time management.


The 360 Deal is an e-book from New Music Strategies that brings together short articles by a diverse range of people with a lot of experience in music and the music business, each giving the best possible advice they can think of to pass on to someone just starting out.

The 360 Deal is a work in progress. It will grow as more advice from musicians and music business professionals from around the world are collated and added to the project. There are almost 100 articles in the book already – and the author is aiming for 360 in total. It costs US $3.60, hence the cunning title.

All the proceeds are going to a music charity in India. Music Basti is a youth-run charity based in New Delhi that brings music workshops to children affected by extreme poverty.

  • Get The 360 Deal HERE.

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