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Ethnostep 3 – excellent compilation available now

January 28, 2013

The third volume of the excellent Ethnostep compilation series is now available. It has an exclusive track by Secret Archives of the Vatican. It’s “name your own price” but with no minimum. Download it now!

They say: Making music is the most primeval form of human expression. Imbued with a mystical power to communicate at an instinctual level that transcendends language and speaks directly to the soul. What we have in mind is to go to the one place that everybody carries within themselves. We believe that the whole external universe is also found within us all. There is one planet, and on this planet there is this peaceful, easy, partying tribe, everybody can connect to.
Grooves n’ Vibes, embedded in contemporary music arise to avibrating melange, a musical elixir and stimulant to the seduction of senses of cosmopolitan- and open minded individuals.

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