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Transglobal breakbeat dub science – the power of adjectives

December 17, 2012


In our musical world, where genres collide and sub-genres breed faster than chavs on a Croydon housing estate, we have a constant battle to come up with meaningful terms to describe Broken Drum Records‘ output.

“World music” is an execreble marketing term, only useful for assisting in bypassing the racks of music-for-morons that infested record shops back in the day when they still existed. Its origins and innate wrongness have been exhaustively discussed elsewhere so I won’t tread that path again.

“International” is a word that could be applied to some of the music we make or listen to; music from cultures other than our own has become readily available here. The implication of the word, however, is that an existing defined musical form has simply travelled while remaining intact, unchanged by the lands it has travelled through. Our interest, however, has always been in transformational power of the journey as much as in the arriving.

I think I first heard the term “transnational dubstep” being used by DJ Umb of Generation Bass. I don’t know if he was the first to use it but I immediately liked it. “Transnational” has a subtly different meaning from “international”. It has a foot in each country or culture involved; neither is unchanged and the result is a New Thing. A related term is “transglobal”, with the implication of being across the entire planet. Also it’s a subtle reference to one of our musical influences, the seminal Transglobal Underground. Defining “dubstep” is, of course, a whole debate in its own right and although much of what we’ve released in the last year or two has been strongly informed by the Cronx’s homegrown musical meta-genre, we explore far wider waters.

We like drums of all kinds, from Middle-Eastern frame drums to Indian tablas, Bonham-esque drum kit mayhem to four-on-the-floor dancefloor tyranny. Breakbeats. We also love producing music, all the technical stuff, all the studio alchemy of turning base (bass?) metals into musical gold. It’s an art and a science all rolled into one.

Hence our label tagline: Transglobal Breakbeat Dub Science

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