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New release from Nasha Records: Qawali Dub

November 12, 2012

We’re big fans of Nasha Records and their various artists – they consistently release well-crafted albums and tracks that are worth tracking down.

They’ve just released a four track compilation called Qawali Dub. The PR blurb says this:

Since 2003 Nasha Records have carved a slow and deliberately unique niche in the world of bass. Combining eastern flavours with western electronic music, Nasha have always brought something a little different to the familiar, injecting each track with a cultural, spiritual and musical influence that’s as authentic as it is distinguished. Their releases have caught the ear of DJs as diverse as Skream and FreQ Nasty, while receiving heavy support across bass music media the world over.

Continuing on their quality-over-quantity approach, Nasha have brought together four incredible tracks for their first EP release since 2010’s Gabba Wasp EP. As fans of the label will undoubtedly be aware, this is about blending bass-fuelled dance floor pressure with fresh sounds and influences.

First up Nasha Experience – a collective of label artists consisting of Ges-e, Osmani Soundz, Sukh Knight and Shandy – offer up the first of two incredible tracks. Qawali Dub brings wide open vocal echoes and tight, skipping beats that are overlain with expertly layered percussive elements. Shandy goes solo for Maai which pulls in as much influence from reggae and dub as it does from any eastern essence. What you’re left with is a haunting piece of music that fits somewhere in the dubstep sphere and offers a stunning take on the formula.

For the third track on the Qawali Dub EP Naz goes deeper and deeper with Heron’s Dream. Drenching you with layers of undulating bass and washes of pure beauty, this one will draw you in and keep you held in its dreamy grip. Finally Nasha Experience comes together once again for Bhooli a track that’s filled with string-loaded tension that builds and grows before a grizzling bassline releases its almighty pressure.

This is yet another incredible release from one of the UK’s most forward-thinking bass music labels. Fans of Nasha will be more than satisfied with their latest musical forays, and those who aren’t already following this movement will undoubtedly want to get involved after hearing this EP

Get Qawali Dub from HERE.

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  1. Celt Islam permalink
    November 12, 2012 10:28 am

    Qawali dub lol yeh whatever lol there boring and most of all shite lol …

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