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Sufi Mix

November 5, 2012

‘You think the shadow is the substance:
so to you the substance has become a cheap toy.
Wait until the day when that substance
freely unfolds its wings.
Then you will see the mountains become as soft as wool,
…and this earth of heat and ice become as nothing;
you will see neither the sky nor the stars,
nor any existence but God – the One, the Living, the Loving.’


Secret Archives of the Vatican are not Muslims; our religious inclinations are more along evangelical Christian lines. However, a very great deal of the music we love seems to come from the Sufi traditions of North Africa, the Arabian world and Turkey. Here are some of our favourite tunes. We wish there were people in the Christian community making music along these lines. If we had the musical skills, maybe we’d do it ourselves!

There doesn’t appear to be a way to embed the Mixcloud player here, so here’s a link to the Mixcloud page: Sufi Mix.

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