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War on Terra – promoting our new release 2

October 13, 2012

About a week back we posted about our new album release, War on Terra. We said we’d posted about the release on Facebook, both on my own page, Broken Drum Records‘ group page and on Secret Archives of the Vatican‘s page. Then I sent messages or emails to various people: likely MixCloud posters, previously receptive radio people and bloggers.

A little more about that. I’ve sent emails or messages to about 45 people so far. I searched in Google for music blogs using search terms such as dubstep blogs 2012 and music blogs 2012. The reason I added 2012 to the search string is that a great many blogs that you’ll find in a straightforward search are inactive and adding 2012 means that it’ll only find entries where there has been some activity this year. I had a standard email draft and I used the same text also for websites where they preferred a message on the site. Some blogs preferred a single track in their SoundCloud dropbox so I sent them either The Coming of Shadows or Al Majlis 7 with an accompanying note of the aforementioned email text.

I was sensible enough to keep a spreadsheet of all the places I’d contacted and I’m noting where there has been some response.

We’ve had some brief reviews on quite influential blogs (eg Blogrebellen in Germany, Generation Bass here in the UK and Tropical Bass, also in Germany).

I also put together a video for YouTube of Ahimsa Squadron. Many people these days use YouTube to find new music, so even a simple video that’s essentially a slideshow of still images is a useful tool for increasing our potential audience.

So far, we’ve had about 120 downloads of the album. That may not seem like many but it’s way ahead of any previous album one week after release. We do not shift many albums – we’re too unique in some ways, and we have no marketing budget. However, our releases are slow burners and, for example, Barbary Lion has reached over 600 downloads. Actually, our entire back catalogue has seen a surge in downloads this week – I guess people checking out War on Terra are seeing the other albums on Bandcamp and are downloading those too. Why not? They’re free!

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