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New release from Mutamassik – Rekkez

October 2, 2012

Great new release – the PR blub says this:

Record label ini.itu has released a new vinyl LP, composed, performed and produced by Mutamassik. Mutamassik (tenacity in Arabic) is the musical avatar of Giulia Loli, who merges Egyptian percussion with hardcore breaks. The result, sometimes dubbed Sa’aidi hardcore & Baladi breakbeats is a mutant, syncopated form of instrumental hip-hop.

The history of Giulia Loli herself is marked by fluid borders, being born in Italy of an Egyptian mother, moving to the United States in her childhood, staying in Egypt for a while, and recently moving back to a hilly region of Italy. During and between her journeys she has worked with David Byrne, Arto Lindsay,Ikue Mori, Marc Ribot, Kaffe Matthews, Hamid Drake, Morgan Craft and more.

What Mutamassik proposes here is collection of tracks bearing resemblance to pages torn off a tormented diary, with a complex array of emotions: anger, angst, gloom, pride, faith, isolation, anguish,etc. The circular rhythms are fusing acoustic instruments (Re’qs, Mazhar, Douf, Cello! – all of them played by G.Loli) and electronic tones. The whole is contextualized and augmented by the nuances of voices, sometimes vocoded, and field recordings culled from Tuscany, Egypt and various other locations. Often bittersweet and brooding, the raw fuzz of the music evokes an insular and somewhat fractured force, balancing between the abstract and the confrontational. These tracks will take you for a ride in sprawling Afro-Asiatic melodies and elaborate, circonvoluted developments.


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