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War on Terra – our forthcoming album

September 18, 2012

You may recall I blogged about how we promoted our 2011 album, Barbary Lion. Well, it’s September 2012 and we’ve just seen the 600th download from Bandcamp. Plus however many were bootlegged by all those Russian websites…

Early in 2012, we released a short album, Panjandrum, which is still some way behind in terms of downloads, but did get some BBC airplay on the Bobby Friction‘s show (as did Veiled Beauty, Dark Magic from Barbary Lion at the same time).

Now we have a new full length album, War on Terra, recorded and almost ready for release. I’ve decided to blog this album, too. It is (in my opinion) a little more complex, a little more demanding, than Barbary Lion and a lot, lot heavier than Panjandrum. War on Terra wasn’t the usual collaboration between Louis Counter and myself – this is all Louis‘s work, although I sat in on all mixes and did most of the mastering.

We’re now just waiting for cover art; when artwork is ready, the album drops. The big decision is who to provide the artwork. I could do it – I’ve done the last few and people like the meta-style but a part of me wants to open up the creative process to some outside influences. I’m also having a think about bonus files to include in the download. These could be remixes, additional artwork, recipes, interviews. If you have any ideas, let me know.

Also, we need to have a think about promotion and marketing. It seems to be nigh on impossible to get reviews, even on netlabel and underground music blogs. Seems hard also to get plays in podcasts, although some top quality individuals we know are faithful and do promote our music. We need some way to get more attention. Will get our thinking caps on but, once again, any innovative ideas gratefully considered.

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  1. September 18, 2012 10:20 pm

    I’m looking forward to it (as usual). Love the idea of recipes as additional material! That’s not something that I’m aware has ever been done before.

    How about a video of you guys actually preparing the food – “The Hairy Dubsters”. Get that on YouTube, with your own personal soundtrack and that’s going to be different!

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