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Melodica Time – heavy steppers dub from Angel Dust Records

May 5, 2012

Melodica Time

Angel Dust Records are back after a brief lull in their prolific release schedule with Melodica Time, which features the title track by French dubber Phoniandflore (aka PAF) and three remixes by Shan-a-Shan, Injham and Jideh High. All of these artists are active in the thriving French netlabel dub scene.

Phoniandflore is based in Périgueux. The tune is a driving steppers riddim, with the melodica melody giving it some Middle-Eastern flavour.

Marseille based Shan-a-Shan‘s mix opens up the echo space to cavernous proportions and keeps the riddim steppers and relentless.

‘Babylonie Rouennaise’ based Injham‘s offering starts off in minimalist style, the rhythm pared down to essentials, and stays in funky, head-nodding, territory for the duration.

Jideh High‘s version pushes the dub elements a little harder, allowing the electronic elements and the spatial effects to shine through.

The French do digital dub very well and this is a prime example of the talent that’s out there.

Angel Dust Records‘ releases are always free and released under a Creative Commons license, so you’re free to distribute Melodica Time to your friends.

You can download the album from here:

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