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Ethnostep – new FREE album from dubstep label Subbass

April 10, 2012

Ethnostep is a new FREE compilation album put together by dubstep netlabel Subbass and it features thirteen excellent tunes, including Soldier of the Line by Secret Archives of the Vatican.

Subbass says this:
It is a trip trough different parts of the world whose roots are found particularly in the rhythms of Dubstep and stretches with some Oriental and Indian sounds. Grooves n‘ Vibes, embedded in contemporary electronic music arise to a vibrating mélange, a musical elixir and stimulant to the seduction of senses of cosmopolitan- and open minded individuals.

  • Get Ethnostep from HERE
  • Subbass blog HERE


  1. Krood – Tibetan Step
  2. z0r – Sangeeta
  3. Toxic Lipid – Riz
  4. Secret Archives of the Vatican – Soldier of the Line
  5. Ethnicalvibes – Basscharma
  6. Subtitled – Oriental Dreamz
  7. San Jaya Prime – Paper Shadows
  8. Rhythmstar – The BellyDance Gangster
  9. Digital Nottich – Kukavitza
  10. AscensionSoulJah – In Sha´Allah
  11. Ghosthack – Ethnostep
  12. Tomas Araya – Nocturna
  13. Lang – Loneliness


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