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Moombahton releases from BDR Dancefloor

February 25, 2012

There have been two moombahton releases from our second label,  BDR Dancefloor, in the last week or so.  Firstly, we released Souq Dragon by Souq Dragon (see previous post).

Souq Dragon cover

We’ve just released a very special compilation compiled by our very own ginger ninja, Ginger Shinobi, called MoombahDeep Vol 1.

MoombahDeep Volume 1

MoombahDeep Vol 1 is a collection of 14 carefully selected tunes that explore the dark edges of moombahton, where deep house and techno influences drive the moombah groove. We’ve had some good reviews and comments so far.  Here are a few examples:

‘When we eventually open a seedy martini lounge in a jungle treehouse in Thailand, this will be on heavy rotation.’

‘…some very experimental moombahton tracks which stretch the limits of where can moombahton be taken.’

‘In my opinion one of the best Moombah-Compilations until now…’

‘…a variety of tracks loosely held together by a “genre” name but that are so different that you could never get bored listening to them.’

You can download MoombahDeep Vol 1 free from HERE.

Ginger Shinobi

There are two more volumes of MoombahDeep in the pipeline…

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