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Spotify boycotts ‘alienate fans’….NOT!

January 28, 2012

Read this BBC news item:

Spotify boycotts ‘alienate fans’

As we’ve previously written, many independent record labels are boycotting Spotify. It seems that someone from Universal claims this is a bad thing.

I’ll tell you what’s a had thing, Mr Universal Man. The big labels owning equity shares in Spotify, for a start. Then, Spotify refusing to be open about what it pays those labels compared with the insulting, immoral, pittance it pays smaller labels.

The fact is this: for a solo artist to earn the equivalent of minimum wage in the US (not a lot!) from Spotify streams, they need a little over 4,000,000 streams a month. Count those zeroes. How many would a band require? Multiply that number by the number of band members.

Here are the details:

How Much Do Music Artists Earn Online?

That’s why many labels have withdrawn their releases. Musicians are being robbed by the big labels, just as they always have been.

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